Information Guide to Berisso, Southern Greater Buenos Aires - Properties in Berisso

Information Guide to Berisso, Southern Greater Buenos Aires - Properties in Berisso

Guide to Berisso, Greater Buenos Aires - Realtors in Berisso

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Berisso is a district made up by the following areas: V. San Carlos.

Berisso is located in Southern Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Berisso has a natural port on the shores of the river Santiago. The Port used to be used by smugglers, and because of this in 1736 a military outpost was constructed in the area. With time the outpost came to be known as "Fuerte Barragan" (Strong Barragan). The Port is was constructed when the first economical interests in the city of Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, and the city of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina.

On January 5th, 1801, the city of Ensenada was founded in the proximity of the port.

Many of the immigrant arriving to Argentina in the beginning of the 20th century established in Berisso, attracted by the presence of the port, Santiago River, and the areas many Ship yards. These features gave Berisso an industrial projection of great proportions. Berisso has been known as the Capital of the Immigrant ever since March 28th, 1978. This is because of the hard work that the immigrants collaborated with, and that had an important part in the development and enlargement of the area of Berisso.

Every September the "Fiesta del Inmigrante" (Feast of the Immigrant) is celebrated in remembrance of Berisso's origins.

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